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All panels are made for, and tested on the cars they are meant for.

Most of them we used ourselves and are fine-tuned for our best results. This does NOT guarantee the same fit in your car as all cars can be slightly different. Minor adjustments might be needed to make the panels fit correctly. This does not entitle to a refund nor will panels be refunded once adjusted or damaged in any way. Please check fitment of the panels on the car before adjusting or upholstering them. That also goes for the pre-cut or indicated holes or cut-outs on the panels; check if their size and placement is correct before cutting. No refunds will be given afterwards, under any circumstances.

Also remember these panels are made of wood, which is still a natural product and therefor subject to imperfections, flaws, warps and such. We do our best to filter these but we cannot guarantee flawless panels. We do not accept any liability due to tears, breaks or any type of damage caused by material failure.

Our liability is at all times, limited to the amount of the invoice/bill.

Mounting the panels correctly is the responsibility of the buyer. We are not responsible for any damage caused by faulty montage. Installation by a professional is advised at all times.

To ensure the panels will remain in perfect condition once mounted in the car, it is advised to treat the back side (the side with the logo on) against moisture, mold and such. It is also advised to use a protective plastic between the body of the car and the panels to prevent moisture reaching them. If you do not plan on using the panels right away, stock them flat in a dry place away from heat and moisture. No refunds will be given due to faulty storage.

Feel free to contact us at if you need info regarding the panels or if you have some feedback for improvements.

>  Remember we also do One-offs, personalization, special requests… anything is possible. Challenge us! <

The Doorpanelshop team

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