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Plastic foils?

Until the mid-1960s, door panels were protected from moisture with an oiled paper. Then this was replaced by the plastic films still used today. Even in today's cars!

The function of the plastic foils behind the panels is of course to protect the panels from moisture and mold. They also serve to conduct water to the drain holes provided in the doors.

Make sure they are not blocked at all times!

Normally the foils on all cars are only placed on the doors with windows that open. Exceptions to this are convertibles, where they are also located at the rear side panels. 

So why would you choose to use our plastic foils?
  • Protection against moisture and water entering past the windows and seals

  • Protection from airflow that penetrates through the window crack and doorpull holes (Also check out the foam seals we made to prevent this draft entirely - click here!)

  • The water is fed to the drains provided at the factory

  • No swelling of the door panels

  • No water in the footwell or under the rear bench in the convertible

  • No tools are required for installation. All necessary holes are already cut!

  • Installation guide and kit included (if needed)

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