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Welcome to, the supplier of Volkswagen door panels!

At, we once started out of a deep passion for Volkswagen vintage cars. Our adventure began with creating custom interiors and door panels, and we are proud to now offer the best Volkswagen door panels on the market. Our door panels are made with European FSC wood and are also available with the proper fasteners, so you can get started right away. No more hassle with fitting and measuring, just assemble right away. Of course, we also offer the option of having your panels finished or covered, should that be your preference.

VW Beetle Convertible 8.57-7.66 Panel set

Why choose Volkswagen door panels from

  • Our Volkswagen door panels are guaranteed to fit perfectly. Each of our Volkswagen door panels is made to the dimensions of the original door panels and is designed specifically for your model and year of manufacture.

  • We use European FSC-certified wood, sourced from completely responsibly managed forests in Europe. Sustainability is our top priority.

  • In addition to Volkswagen door panels, we also offer custom interiors for RVs, for example, and we can provide upholstery for your panels or even your entire interior.

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Technology and quality

Technology and quality are the cornerstones of our craftsmanship. We manufacture our Volkswagen door panels with precision from wood using laser cutters, so they are always accurate to the millimeter. Our products are based on the original, which means that in principle they do not need to be modified. Just sand and finish with an oil, lacquer, varnish, etc and they are ready to be installed for that authentic wood look. Ready-made, finished panels and even mounting in your car are also among the options!

If you prefer upholstery, that's no problem at all. We work with professional upholsterers to provide the Volkswagen door panels with the upholstery you desire. If you want wood for a unique look, check out our examples on our website!

Explore our selection in our web shop, where you will find a range of Volkswagen door panels. We also offer related products that will make your restoration project a success. If you're looking for custom interior work or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or fill out the form below.


VW Karmann Ghia Type 14 8.55-7.60 Panel set was founded by Serge Spangenberg, a Volkswagen fan at heart with over 20 years of experience. After years of selling parts and upholstering and refurbishing old Volkswagens, Serge received more and more requests for restoring Volkswagen interiors. Soon he realized that there were almost no good basic panels available on the market, so he started making them himself. Initially this was for his own use, but soon the demand grew. Now we sell our panels separately, so that more enthusiasts can have access to high-quality basic material for their restoration project.

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